Adam Chase (C)

Name: Adam Chase (C)

Home Base: Boulder, CO

Occupation: Tax Lawyer, Endurance Sports Editor

Years on Atlas Racing: 12

My Story:
I'm proud of assembling such an outstanding and formidable force of fast and fine individuals and am baffled that Team Atlas continues to associate with the likes of me, especially when I trail them, eating the flying snow they kick up in their wake, yellingv "hey, guys, wait for me!" Over more than ten years, the team, like the snowshoes upon which we run, has seen vast improvements over the years. Thank you, Atlas.


Season Goals:
Keep the snowshoe racing spirit burning in the hearts of Team Atlas racers so they can continue their dominance, prominence, and class-act performances in 2007-08.
Promote growth and recognition of the sport of snowshoe racing.
Qualify for National Championships.
Attend and compete in National Championships.
You can reach Adam at