Christy Runde

Name: Christy Runde

Home Base: Vancouver, WA

My Story:
I’ve been running since I was 8 years old-it’s my passion. I’m thrilled to have found snowshoe racing three years ago because it takes strength, balance, daring and the willingness to take a fall and run faster for it.I live in the Pacific Northwest Vancouver/Portland area and I have to schedule most of a day to get up to Mt. Hood to train. This takes all kinds of planning around my kids (two at home & two out of the nest) a husband and work. However, I love the workout so much it’s worth it. On the days I have to make my own trail, the snow is deep with the consistency of mashed potatoes, chain up, and find that I’ve forgotten tights or gloves things can be difficult, but the enjoyment is always there and it’s worth it.


Season Goals: