Dave Dunham

Name: Dave Dunham

Home Base: Bradford, MA

Occupation: Tax Reports Analyst

Years on Atlas Racing: 4

My Story:

I enjoy the freedom that snowshoes give me. Prior to snowshoe running, I was not a big fan of winter running. The narrow streets and unforgiving drivers made the obstacle course that is road running in New England less than pleasurable. Now I look forward to the opportunity to train off-road in the winter. I'm also a terrible downhill trail runner, but I'm much better when I don't have to worry about my footing due to the forgiving nature of snowshoe racing. I also enjoy being able to race two or three times a weekend when we have enough snow. The aerobic benefits of snowshoe racing, combined with the minimal impact on leg muscles make it a perfect training method.

I got into snowshoe racing after I won a pair of snowshoes for setting a course record at the Cranmore Mountain Hill Climb. I've been competing ever since. I also direct three snowshoe races and look forward to the opportunity to expose others to the sport. My competitive drive comes from wanting to push my limits, be it road racing, trail racing, mountain racing or snowshoe racing. In the last two seasons (both shortened due to a lack of snow) I raced 16 times. I finished in the top four 10 times and was the top 40-plus finisher 10 times.


Season Goals:
Stay healthy, and win the New England title.