Katie Mazzia

Name: Katie Mazzia

Home Base: Eagle, CO

Occupation: Registered Dietitian/Certified Diabetes Educator

Years on Atlas Racing: 4

My Story:

My first experience was in 1995, with a pair of old, heavy Atlas snowshoes walking on a snow-covered golf course - I never thought you could run or race in them. In 2002, I started trail running with the Eagle Mountain Runners group. When it snowed, our 5:15 AM trail runs turned into snowshoe runs, falls, slides and a serious cardio workout. I borrowed a pair of medium-weight running snowshoes and was relieved to have them for my first snowshoe race. The 4-Miler Snowshoe (Pedal Power) was beautiful single track through the woods, straight up and down with some obstacles like fallen trees, branches and rocks. I stayed on track, fell flat on my face once, and was happy I didn't end up with a puncture wound. I graduated to my second pair of borrowed lighter snowshoes from Anita Ortiz, along with the advice to mount my running shoes directly to the snowshoes (good tip!).

Finally, I joined Atlas and experienced the fun of super-light snowshoes and the ease of running on snow. Every year I still look forward to winter and the snowshoe racing season. It's an awesome social "cult" activity where you see the same great people, hope for a raffle prize and eat a free hot meal! I mostly race for fun and enjoy trying to keep up with others. Plus it puts you in awesome shape for spring trail running.


Season Goals:
To snowshoe as much as possible, stay upright, get lost and find my way back.