Kelly Mortenson

Name: Kelly Mortenson

Home Base: St Paul, MN

Occupation: Sales Manager

Years on Atlas Racing: 2

My Story:
I got involved with snowshoeing last winter (07) when my fiancee bought me a pair of snowshoes for Christmas. The one thing I enjoy about winter is that I get to grow a nice beard to keep me warm from the elements. My first snowshoe competition was last year when I raced the Tartan Terrific 10k under really cold conditions. It must have been about 30-below with wind chill. I figured I would give it a try because the Snowshoe Nationals were being held in Minnesota the next month (my home state). I got my competitive drive from my high school wrestling coach - he worked us really hard in practice, and I don't think I have worked as hard since. Everything I do now is about being fit. I ran all through high school and college and still continue to be active with running, weight lifting, biking to work, and now snowshoeing. All this working out lets me down a couple more beers, and I get to go back for seconds at dinner. Yeah!


Season Goals:
Improve on 3rd place at 2008 US Snowshoe Nationals.