Keri Nelson

Name: Keri Nelson

Home Base: Gunnison, CO

Occupation: Aspiring Graduate Student

Years on Atlas Racing: 2

My Story:
My parents own and operate a guide business in Gunnison, CO, so my family has always been active in the outdoors. When all of my friends were going to Disney Land, I was going camping or backpacking. I love the outdoors and snowshoeing is the perfect escape in the winter. One of my first snowshoe races was the Turquoise Lake 20-Mile. I remember thinking when it was over, "that was one of the hardest things I have ever done," and I loved it! I'm addicted to the challenge; it takes a lot of strength and power. I tend to forget I'm racing because all of my focus is on staying upright. Plus there are a lot of great people out there racing. I think all of my friends I have met through some kind of race.


Season Goals:
Snowshoe, eat, sleep, repeat...