Lindsay Krause

Name: Lindsay Krause

My Story:

Born and raised in Colorado, I found myself on snow skis in the Colorado Rockies as soon as I could walk. I loved to snowplow down moguls the size of Volkswagens and travel through the trees. At the age of 4, I did not have very far to fall. I found myself hiking my first 14,000-foot mountain at age 10. I loved the adventures of camping with my dad and sister and the accomplishment of hiking to the top of the mountain to see the views of Colorado. My love for the Colorado Rockies, the mountains, and the snow started at a very young age.

After 11 years of competitive gymnastics, I entered the world of track and field as a high jumper at the age of 14. All of the flips that I did in my gymnastics days led to my success as a high, long, and triple jumper in high school. I walked onto the CU Track and Cross Country Team in 1996 and ended up "Running with the Buffs" for 4 years in college (1996-2000). This Division I Collegiate experience gave me the drive to compete and led me to the marathon, triathlon, and snowshoe racing ahead.

In April of 2006, I delivered my first Tiny Miracle, Taylor Addison Krause (my greatest accomplishment!). After the delivery of Taylor, I ended up in the ICU, due to blood clots in my pelvis. Five days of lying flat on my back with multiple surgeries including a stent placement in my vein, gave me a new perspective on health. Once I was discharged from the ICU, I was determined to gain my strength and endurance back. 2006-2007 has been a year to truly appreciate health and what a blessing it is. Since this experience in 2006, I have found myself looking around on my runs and actually stopping to smell the flowers. In fact there was a point in the snowshoe race at Beaver Creek last weekend that I actually stopped to look around at the amazing Colorado Rockies and the beauty of the surroundings.

My love for health and fitness carries over into my daily life as a physical therapist and Pilates instructor. I enjoy encouraging every patient and client to embrace health and to find a way to remain active. From the Colorado Rockies skiing and hiking trips to the years on the CU Cross Country and Track Team, snowshoe racing combines my love for the outdoors, while embracing health and fitness.


Season Goals:
Beaver Creek Snowshoe Series. Race at the US National Championship.