Lisa Jhung

Name: Lisa Jhung

Home Base: Boulder, CO

Occupation: Outdoor Sports Journalist and Copywriter

Years on Atlas Racing: 9

My Story:
I started snowshoeing when I moved to the North Shore of Lake Tahoe in the winter of 1998. I had tendonitis in my feet and ankles from racing Eco-Challenge Morocco, and couldn't run for about two months. Then I tried running on snowshoes, and the softness of the snow, plus the weight distribution of every step provided by snowshoes, got me back to health. I fell in love with snowshoe running, and started racing that winter and snowshoe ran on Tahoe trails with my dog just about every day. In 2002, I moved to Boulder, and started racing in Summit County and snowshoe running and hiking in the Indian Peaks whenever I could. I love the variety and challenge of snowshoe races: the lung-searing uphills, the fast, powdery downhills, and the altitude that just whoops you.


Season Goals:

Return from injury and childbirth and enjoy snowshoe racing

Race for fun while getting back into competitive snowshoeing

Compete in the Dash for Cash without falling on my face.

Compete in the National Championships