Peter Fain

Name: Peter Fain

Home Base: Truckee, CA

Occupation: Partner/Wine Director Pacific Crest Grill

My Story:
My track coach from SF State got me connected with Atlas in '98 when I moved to Tahoe as an affordable means to keep up my running training and until I could afford to buy cross-country ski gear. I fell in love with snowshoeing and have never purchased cross-country skis. I'm on my snowshoes probably six days a week even in powder days. You don't move very fast, but the work out is so intense that I actually prefer it.


Season Goals:
To run a lot more snowshoe races. With any luck I'd like to run a couple of the Beaver Creek races. They always bring out a lot of participants. Besides snowshoeing, I'd like to increase my racing distance to 50 miles and hopefully remain competive.