Richard Bolt

Name: Richard Bolt

Home Base: Portland, OR

Occupation: Director of Operations

Years on Atlas Racing: 9

My Story:
I race to feel pain - the pain that comes from pushing my body to the limits of strength and endurance. I race to find focus - the stillness in the mind that comes from diverting oxygen from the brain to the muscles. I race to feel the burn - the heaviness induced by lactic acid building up faster than my muscles can get rid of it. I race to get away - to leave the behind the routine of daily life. I race because it's hard - the long way around, the trail less traveled, the high road and the unknown territory between where we start and whenever we finish. I race to win - to beat the course, to best the competition, to become better than the person I was last year. Next year I hope to be faster than the person I am now. Next year I'm going to kick my own ass.


Season Goals:
There are only 2 snowshoe races in all of Washington and Oregon this winter - fortunately for me, they were both at nearby Mt. Hood. After 3 winter seasons here in the Pacific Northwest, I'm looking forward to finding more snowshoe races to compete in as I hear rumors that there could be one in Bend. Finally, I'm looking forward to the USSSA National Championships in my birthplace and old stomping ground - New York State.