Ross McMahan

Name: Ross McMahan

Home Base: Incline Village, NV

Occupation: Contractor

Years on Atlas Racing: 4

My Story:

I am originally a flatlander from the Midwest who did road races and triathlons, able to find a running race any weekend of the year. When I moved to the Sierra Nevada Mountains for a job in 2000, I wasn't able to train outside on the roads in the winter and couldn't find races in the winter. I saw a lot of people out snowshoeing, and I wondered if you could run on those things. I got my first pair of backcountry snowshoes and began running on the local trails. I bruised up my ankles a lot in the beginning, but I was getting an unbelievable workout.

I saw an ad for a local snowshoe race and thought I would give it a try. I won the race on my big, bulky snowshoes and was hooked at that point. When I finally got a set of running snowshoes it was incredible! It was like running in running shoes. My wife and I try to work in as many snowshoe races as we can find. We also love to carry our twin year-old boys in backpacks for family snowshoe hikes, and we organized a group for full moon snowshoe training runs. It's a great way to spend time outdoors in the winter.


Season Goals:
To improve on last years results.
To bring more area athletes and non-athletes into the sport.
Compete in the Xterra Winter World Championships.
Compete in the National Championships
To have fun