Sarah Raitter

Name: Sarah Raitter

Home Base: Reno, NV

Occupation: Special Education Teacher

Years on Atlas Racing: 1

My Story:

Somehow, my husband Bill and I never discovered snowshoeing, despite growing up in the snowy Midwest, until we moved to Bend, Oregon. It was a fairly typical winter day in Bend, sunny and beautiful, but our regular trails were snow and ice covered, and the roads slushy and messy. Bill suggested we rent snowshoes and give it a try.

We rented some gigantic, heavy (non-running) Atlas snowshoes and took them up to a trail near Mt. Bachelor. "It's a five mile loop," Bill said. We both agreed that it should probably take us about 40 minutes of running, since this was an easy run pace for us.

An hour and a half later, a little bruised and battered, covered in snow from head to toe from numerous face-plants, we were hooked on snowshoeing! We did decide to invest in some actual running snowshoes the next time though.


Season Goals:
To compete in as many snowshoe races as I can! I would also like to make the National team again in March at USSSA Nationals.