Susan Williams

Name: Susan Williams

Home Base: Littleton, CO

Occupation: Triathlon coach, masters swim coach, mother of 2

Years on Atlas Racing: 4

My Story:
I have competed as a professional triathlete for the last 10 years, but I think I've done what I set out to do with that and am "semi" retired now. But I love the sport and now coach triathletes of all abilities and distances. A few years ago, I discovered the sport of snowshoe racing as something to do in the winter to stay fit when biking outside just wasn't fun for me on the cold and/or wet days. I really enjoyed the first two seasons of it - though I stink on the downhills! But snowshoe racing is a great workout and lots of fun, especially when my husband does them with me. So we hope to keep on training and racing as another fun endurance event to help the Colorado winters go by.


Season Goals:
Improve my downhill snowshoe skills and find new endurance events to try.