Sylvester Coons

Name: Sylvester Coons

Home Base: Verdi, NV

Occupation: Founder, Tiger Global Athletics

Years on Atlas Racing: 3

My Story:
When I moved back to the west coast, my family and I chose to live in the mountainsrather than somewhere along the coast. With early winter storms snowing us in, I wasforced to train in the snow. Running in regular shoes just was not working out. I quicklylearned about snowshoeing and received my first pair the night before my firstsnowshoe race. At 9 p.m., I strapped them on and headed over to the local university’strack to “practice”. I woke up the following morning for the snowshoe race and won itoutright. I was hooked.Thereafter, I decided to start Tiger Global Athletics. Tiger Global Athletics is a uniquesports travel company that combines worldwide travel with various running-basedsports (i.e., snowshoeing, cross country, road racing, mountain running). We takecompetitors all across the globe to unique and interesting destinations combining thethrill of competition and the wonders of exploring new destinations. In the past, ourtravelers (myself included) have competed in snowshoe races throughout Andorra,Austria, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Japan.iSnowshoe, iRun, iTravel, and iLove it.


Season Goals:
To compete in several snowshoeing competitions worldwide, join the 165 Mile Club,and introduce fellow snowshoers to the thrill of international snowshoe competitions.