Mister Mort Access Snowshoe Kit


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    About the Artist Mordechai Rubenstein aka "Mister Mort" is a NY-based reluctant cultural anthropologist, acclaimed street style photographer, men’s fashion blogger, style expert, culture shifter and trend spotter. His background in fashion and style is intense and his reach extends from major fashion brands, magazines to an extensive network of global style personalities.

    About the Access "Mister Mort" Snowshoe Allowing you to maximize your natural gait on rolling and uneven terrain, the Access delivers comfort and confidence to its wearer, thanks to a heel-lift bar, Wrapp™ Trail binding, and Light-Ride™ Suspension.

    About the "Mister Mort" LockJaw™ 3-piece Poles Find your rhythm and maintain stability on the most technical terrain. The lightweight, adjustable Atlas Lockjaw™ Snowshoe poles feature the revolutionary, patent-pending, over-center cam design that clamps securely and releases effortlessly, providing easy packability and on-the-fly adjustability.

    Kit includes: Access "Mister Mort" Snowshoe and a pair of 3 Piece Adjustable Lockjaw poles

    Snowshoe Series

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    Heel Lift