With 22 years of advanced snowshoe development and inspired dealer support, we at Atlas are continually looking at ways to improve dealer and customer interactions with Atlas Snow-Shoe Company.

Our Seattle facility will continue to perform all warranty service work, and our qualifications for coverage under the Atlas warranty policy have not changed. The addition of the Authorized Service Centers for non-warranty snowshoe repairs is to improve our dealer and customer service with more efficient service and faster turnaround.

Products that are purchased from a retailer must be returned to the point of purchase. Dealers will then process the repair or warranty claim with Atlas on behalf of the consumer. To better understand this change, see the new procedure below:

Non-Warranty Repair Service Procedure

  • Dealer contacts Atlas Customer Service regarding potential repair service.
  • Customer Service will ask if request is for repair or warranty.
  • For repair, Customer Service will direct dealer/customer to website and/or provide email listing of Authorized Snowshoe Repair Centers (ARC).
  • For repairs, all dealings are between Authorized Snowshoe Repair Centers (ARC) and dealer/consumer. Cost of repairs will be the responsibility of the consumer.

Warranty Repair Service Procedure

  • For warranty service, Customer Service will request an email photo and description of problem. Atlas Customer Service will evaluate the warranty request and respond with decision.
  • If Atlas deems problem is covered under warranty, a return authorization number (RA #) will be provided for return. Product will be repaired or replaced.
  • Should dealer/consumer feel photo and description are inadequate to fully evaluate warranty claim, snowshoes can be returned for inspection at our facility.
  • In the event snowshoe is not covered under warranty, it will be returned to dealer/consumer at owner’s expense to proceed with Authorized Snowshoe Repair Center (ARC).

Authorized Snowshoe Repair Centers (ARC)

Authorized Snowshoe Repair Centers are authorized to provide third party repairs of Atlas Snow-Shoe Co snowshoes. All transactions between ARC and dealer/consumer are strictly between ARC and dealer/consumer.

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